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Valued Guests
During these unnerving times, first and foremost, we wish you and your family strength and health. We want to update you on our restaurant. We are welcoming you into our dining rooms.  We HIGHLY recommend that you reserve a table right here on our website.   Our dining rooms meet the Governor’s requirements of 50% occupancy. We are also following all CDC recommendations for safe operations. We will continue to provide wonderful take-out as well. 
All customers must absolutely be out of the restaurant and bar areas by 11 PM per New York State.


427 S Market St

Cape Vincent NY 13618





Closed Monday & Tuesday

Wednesday - Saturday 11-9

Sunday 3-8 9Dinner opens at 4

Motel 7 days a week

Welcome to Telly's
Where we learn your name, treat you like family, and aspire to make you want to come back!

Josephine Lawler

This place is something from a dream! We're from Buffalo and I wish I lived closer! I'd be there all the time! The service is some of the BEST I've ever had. Everyone was so nice , it brought genuine tears to my eyes. We left feeling like family with the entire staf; from our waitress, to the manager-Nicole, the owner-Fran, and the Chef. The food was SO GOOD it made me dance in my chair. The atmosphere is beautiful. A woman sat and played the piano. Beautifully, might I add. The experience was unforgettable! My fiancé and I will be back very soon! Words aren't enough to describe our night, but magical could work. ❤


Restaurant & Bar

Executives Chef -Josh Johnston

Manager - Nicole Paratore


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