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Since our very first date, our lives have been our greatest adventure together. A few months after we met while sitting at a table in a restaurant in NYC having dinner, my love told me for once in his life he felt he had a partner, that was after he told me he actually liked me. At first I was like, "You like me?" Before love you actually have to like someone because if you don't like someone you never will truly love them. Think about that. When you like someone you like the in's and out's and their daily routines. You like being around them and everything about them.

While renovating our cottage we have in Cape Vincent, NY we would drive into town to eat lunch and with little open due to the pandemic we found our favorite spot. We fell in love with the staff and of course my love being himself he made some jokes here and there because you know he is picky. He loved bugging the waitresses until they got his order right but he knew they never got it wrong. I happened to ask a question about cleaning services for help with the cottage and the reply I got was "Why don't you purchase this place?"

So we looked at each other, looked around at the love that we knew we could give it and without hesitation we knew what we could bring to the table.

With our love for life, good family and friends, good food and entertaining and the fact that our best friend says that Fran looks like Telly Savalas we could put something really warm and classy together for the our community that they would fall in love with. We love to bring people together and we believe that each day we wake up is like Christmas as every day is a gift. We THANK YOU for believing in us, We THANK YOU for being part of our greatest adventure, and we THANK YOU for being part of our journey.

Love, Fran and Jenny

Casual Dining restaurant, Sports Bar and Hotel


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